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Event Cost Sheet simplifies how teams work with costs, collaborate, and communicate with their clients.

Modern Software that Event Professionals Deserve

Event Cost Sheet has been carefully designed to improve the way event professionals work while also being incredibly easy to use. It raises the bar from Excel and other solutions that still look and feel like software from the early 2000's.

Industry Leading

Line Intelligence

Line Intelligence by Event Cost Sheet uses Machine Learning to determine what the cost of your line items should be based on what they have been in the past.

If a cost seems off, Event Cost Sheet will notify you of it. This is just one of the ways Event Cost Sheet reduces the risk of human error.

Entering Costs

Line items are the core of Event Cost Sheet. The process of creating them is quick, easy, and accurate. The interactive form on the left provides the opportunity to experience the whole process.

  • Section and Name

    A Section and Name is required when creating a line item. Sections are used throughout Event Cost Sheet for planning and reporting.

  • Rate and Quantity

    Easily set the rate of a line item and how many units are needed. Event Cost Sheet also supports an inventory for your standard line items.

  • Additional Costs

    Tax, markup, service charge, and discounts are supported as well. These costs can be computed as a flat rate or percentage.

  • Vendors and Notes

    Every cost can be associated with a Vendor in Event Cost Sheet. This simplifies the Vendor reconciliation process for users.